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ErP Directive Related Product Information

The European Regulation 811/2013, Annex IV, defines the need to supply specific technical data for all equipment for heating and sanitary hot water production which falls within the category defined by this regulation (units below 70kW). By entering the exact Aermec configuration code for the defined unit it is possible to obtain this data.

Advice: Output documents are generated as PDF (Portable Document Format). Processing of PDF may take some time, please wait.

Air to air heat pumps (Split systems)

Water based cooling and heating systems

Energy label is available for heat pumps with a rated output up to and including 70 kW.

Data sheet for energetic efficiency is available for heat pumps and chillers.

Enter the right "commercial code".

When "autocomplete" is enabled, options that do not affect performance changes are ignored and replaced by the "_" (underscore) character.

Water based cooling and heating systems (HMI)

Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

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