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The solution

Olympic Stadium - Rome [Italy]

Inaugurated in 1953 for the Italy-Hungary match, on the occasion of the 1990 World Cup, it was practically demolished and rebuilt in concrete and laminated wood structures. In the structure there are four gyms with the same number of changing rooms, the Grand Hall, football changing rooms and technical areas, the press room, a first aid room and bars for the spectators. At the end sectors of the stadium, there are the Italian National Olympic Committee offices.

Olympic Stadium

The solution

At the end sectors of the stadium, 16 RAX 802 air to water coolers with air-cooled twin compressors were installed. There are 19 central air handling units which supply primary air to the INOC offices and to all the other areas inside the structure. There are 300 FCX A 4 tube fan coils for the INOC offices.

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