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The solution

Argo Software - Ragusa [Italy]

Established in 1990, it has always used the most advanced technologies in the production of software and realised an integrated set of application packs aimed at the different sectors of Public Instruction in only a few years. It is the computer company with the most users of software installed in public offices and schools. The main offices in Ragusa house the Direction, the analysis structures, design and development and assistance.

Argo Software

The solution

One 100 kW NRA 550 H chiller and one NRA 600 H chiller with 120 kW heating capacity are installed. There are two air handling units (NCT 4, NCT 5) while there are 70 FCX 32, 42 and 50 type fan coil units in the ACT version with electronic thermostat distributed on three floors.

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