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The solution

Municipality - Vadso [Norway]

This norwegian town, wet by the icy waters of the Barents Sea, is one of Europe's most northern municipalities. It is at latitude of 70°, is the chief town of the county of Finnmark and has less than 6,200 inhabitants. On the island of Vadsoya the mooring mast used by Umberto Nobile and Roald Amundsen for the expedition tot he North Pole with the airship Norge in 1926 and used again by Nobile with the airship Italia in 1928, is still visible.


The solution

Two NRA 275 LF4, free cooling with pumps and accumulation, maintain the Municipality server room at a constant temperature. While one piece of equipment is active the other acts as back-up. The system is completely monitored via internet using the Aerlon supervising system that allows the user to monitor all functioning parameters, modify set-points, elaborate and display statistics, and check pre-alarms or alarms from a remote position.

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