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The solution

"Bellissimo" - Sofia [Bulgaria]

The Italian builder of this very modern building that rises in the centre of the Bulgarian capital baptised it "Bellissimo" in order to underline the elegance of the architectonic lines, the excellence of the finishings and the quality of the materials used. The building has two bodies, the tallest measures fifty metres and has 12 floors. It is connected to the lower part, with six floors, by a tunnel. In total there are 16,123 square metres. As well as offices and apartments it also includes a restaurant, a coffee bar, a business lounge and several business suites.


The solution

The very complex plant includes a NRA 700 H03 and a RVB 2002 HL and two UR330W heating recovery units. There are four UTF air handling units, while there are 474 fan coils of different duct or floor models. Forty-seven rooms are climate-controlled using Omnia in the HL and UL versions.

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