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The solution

Ras El Aïn - Tozeur [Tunisia]

After great restructuring, it re-opened to guests in 2004. The hotel is situated within a large garden in front of a thousand hectares of palm groves in the town of Tozeur, an important cultural and religious centre of Tunisia, which stands at the edges of the Sahara Desert. The complex includes, as well as the 143 bedrooms and 23 suites, two swimming pools, one of which is covered and air conditioned, a wellbeing centre, bar and restaurant.

Ras El Aïn

The solution

The air-conditioning plant is made up of two R 107 AP air condensed water-cooled chillers with semi-hermetic compressors, three NRC 352 H heat pump chillers, three NCT central air handling units, and 85 FCX P ducted fan coils.

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