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The solution

Villa Fenaroli - Rezzato, Brescia [Italy]

This splendid 18th century villa, home of the noble Avogadro and Fenaroli families, national monument only 5km from the centre of Brescia, has been converted into a hotel with delicate renovation. With its 86 rooms, four of which are junior suites, today it is one of the most elegant and exclusive hotels and congress centres in Northern Italy.

Villa Fenaroli

The solution

There are five central air handling units (NCT 4, 12, 9, 5) and two RV 1401 E chillers. The two thermo-ventilation units are from the T 340 RS and T140 RS series while the heating recovery unit is a UR 75 W with a hot water coil. There are 176 fan coils from the FCX series with electronic thermostat, and 76 ducted P models.

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