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The solution

Villa Cimbrone - Ravello, Salerno [Italy]

You can't talk about Ravello, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, without talking about Villa Cimbrone, with its astounding "terrace of the infinite" and the romantic Italian-style park where famous names from Greta Garbo to President and Mrs Clinton have walked. For a few years now, the villa has been used as a hotel for a small circle of guests. The 22 rooms, all frescoed and with a period fireplace, are embellished with wonderful ceramics.

Villa Cimbrone

The solution

The chiller, positioned in an appropriate niche, is an NRA 600 HL with a silenced heat pump whose spectacular transportation required a helicopter. There are 24 FCX 22, 32 and 42 FCX fan coils with electronic thermostat installed in the bedrooms and common areas.

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