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The solution

The Tomb of Saint Francis - Assisi [Italy]

The first stones of this imposing basilica were laid in 1228, two years after the death of the founder of the Order of Friar Minors. The entire architectonic complex would be completed in less than a century and the most important artists of the time collaborated with the splendid decorations: Giotto, Cimabue, Simone Martini. In 1230 the body of Francis was buried underneath the main altar in an inaccessible place, and through time was forgotten. The tomb was rediscovered in XIX century and a crypt was made, which is now a destination of pilgrimages of believers from all over the world.

The Tomb of Saint Francis

The solution

The problems to be faced for this place of worship were essentially linked to silence. The installation of an NCT 8 led to some modifications linked to the typicality of the crypt, the air vent shutter was moved onto the right side and the main utilities of the fan were reduced to 200 PA and the motor cut to 3 kW.

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