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The solution

Refectory, Santa Maria delle Grazie - Milan [Italy]

The church and convent were built between 1465 and 1482. Important transformations were ordered by Ludovico il Moro, who wanted to make the church into the mausoleum of his own family. He was the one who called Bramante, Leonardo and Cristoforo Solari. Their works, in spite of the transformations and damage caused by bombings in 1943, constitute the most refulgent examples of Renaissance Milan. The Last Supper is found in the Refectory of the Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Refectory, Santa Maria delle Grazie

The solution

The greatest dangers for the frescoes are linked to humidity. For this reason an NBW 2027 was installed that feeds the cooling and dehumidification battery of the central air handling units that control the thermal-hygrometrical values of the refectory with the famous painting by Leonardo. The unit has been located inside a niche in the old museum underground.

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