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The solution

Palazzo dei Normanni - Palermo [Italy]

Punic, Roman and Byzantine fort, castle of the Arab emirs, the antique complex was restructured and enlarged by the Norman kings. In spite of the heavy transformations during the Renaissance and Baroque eras, this fortified area, rich with towers, halls and gardens, still conserves its precious testimony to the Norman epoch. In 2000, on occasion of the ONU conference regarding criminality, it was decided to air condition the five halls of what today is the seat of the Sicilian Parliament.

Palazzo dei Normanni

The solution

The manageability of the machines, the flexibility for dividing the powers into several units and circuits, and silence, considering the nearness of the halls to be used for the meetings, all recommended the installation of two NRA 502 H, hydraulically connected in parallel, with fan coil spillage circuits.

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