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The solution

Modern Art Museum, Palazzo Forti - Verone [Italy]

The original backbone of the building, which houses the Modern Art Museum of Verona, dates back to the XIII century, to the times in which the tyrant Ezzelino da Romano dominated the city. The building has undergone many transformations and after various vicissitudes it became the definitive seat of the museum in 1982, as by the last wishes of Achille Forti who, in 1937, left the building as an inheritance to the Municipality of Verona.

Modern Art Museum, Palazzo Forti

The solution

In the first batch, an NRS 602 LP air-cooled chiller unit and fifty FCX fan coils with size ranging from 22 to 62 were installed. In the second batch the two chillers are water-cooled from the NSW 802 series.

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