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The solution

Lumsa - Rome [Italy]

The "Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta" was established as a College of Education in 1939, with just one faculty and three degree courses. It is a university in continuous growth. In 1984 a seat was opened in Palermo in the Archbishops rooms and in the 90s at Santa Silvia in Taranto, Caltanissetta and Gubbio. In 1989 it became the "Libera Università". In the capital, LUMSA adds Arts, Philosophy and Law to its traditional faculties.


The solution

An NCT central air handling unit and a 300 kW silenced RV with screw bi-compressor were installed in the seat in the centre of Rome, mounted in a cloister so as not to disturb meetings in the Aula Magna. The terminals are a series of FCX ACT and some inverter splits.

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