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The solution

LE FONTANE Trade Park - Marina di Catanzaro [Italy]

The "Le Fontane" trade park covers 250,000 sq.m., including 80,000 sq.m. reserved exclusively for commercial activities, with over 50 shops and 7 refreshment areas. There is also a large public park with facilities: thanks to the 60,000 sq.m. of flowerbeds, walkways and pedestrian paths, the entire park is particularly attractive and usable. The services of the outer area are completed by a good number of parking places, and a cycling path running right around the centre; this means it's very pleasant even just to walk or cycle around the "Le Fontane" trade park of Catanzaro.


The solution

Seventeen Roof-top units of different chilling capacities have been installed. The Roof-top units with heat pump are part of the RTA and RTE ranges, designed to meet the needs of the plant engineering sector when dealing with large areas typical of the large-scale retail trade (supermarkets and hypermarkets) as well as areas dedicated to general industrial use. They offer a series of advantages including great machine modularity and quiet operation, along with a high comfort level.

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