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The solution

Custom Home - Halton Hills [Canada]

A new 12,000 sq.ft home with radiant floor heating in the entire home and 23 Aermec FCX-US fan coils. The fan coils are mounted in the wall with only a return air grille near the floor (service access) and a supply air grille at the ceiling. The fan coils can provide heating or cooling. The homeowner has simultaneous heating and cooling, warm floors, and cool air at the same time. Low ambient controls allow for cooling all winter long. The cold cellar is also cooled by the Aermec equipment.

Custom Home

The solution

- 3 Individual temperature control in each room.
- No visible duct work or boxing
- Simultaneous heating and cooling
- Luxury plus comfort
- Three 5 ton AN chillers
- 23 FCX-US Fan Coils
- Three 300,000 BTUH boilers

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