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The solution

Hotel Moda - Vancouver [Canada]

This prehistoric hotel built in 1908 is situation in the heart of the Arts & Entertainment district of downtown Vancouver. The hotel consists of 57 rooms that hold a modern as well as contemporary interior design situation inside the hotel lobby, hotel guests can wine and dine at the "Uva Wine Bar" and "Cibo Trattoria".
When the hotel needed a more efficient way of heating and cooling, they chose Aermec for the solution. One of the great benefits Aermec was able to offer, was being able to operate the units as heat pumps with a boiler for backup for a complete heating system. Each suite has its own fan coil with wireless thermostat which also connects wirelessly to the reservation bridge of the main lobby. The benefits of this wireless system is so that rooms that are not occupied by guests are not being heated or cooled, thus saving energy.

Hotel Moda

The solution

With 15 tons of cooling as the building requirement, the following list of Aermec's products were installed:
- 1 AN 807HA heat pump-5 ton cooling
- 1 1507HA heat pump-10 ton cooling
- 60 FCX 32 US 3 speed cabinet style fan coil
- 4 FCX 32 USP 3 speed fan coil without cabinet to allow ducting
- 64 RX electric heaters 980 watts (to be installed on site by others)

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