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The solution

Olympic Village - Athens [Greece]

The Olympic Village in Athens hosted athletes, coaches and employees - a total of 16,000 people. The small town, built for the occasion, is situated half an hour from Athens and takes up 124 hectares. There are 2,292 apartments spread out through 366 small buildings, able to accommodate 17,428 beds. In addition to a 5,000 m² hospital, there are health centres, a library, a cinema and a nightclub inside the residential area.

Olympic Village

The solution

Altogether in the various settlements of the Olympic Village (athletes' and guests' accommodation in Athens, press building at the Athens Olympic Stadium; press accommodation and police academy at Menadi and olympic-size swimming pools in the centre of Thessaloniki ) four hundred and ten AN with heating pumps, twenty RV model air-cooled chillers and 3,900 FCX fan coils were installed.

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