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The solution

City Palais - Duisburg [Germany]

The City Palais, designed by the architect Yvonne von Salm, with its lines and volumes has already become one of the characteristic points of the German city. The City Palais includes a 1,750 seat concert room, a conference palace, the most modern casino in Germany with 19 roulette tables, a shopping centre measuring 2,900 mē and a supermarket measuring 2,000 mē. The surface area used for the offices measures 4,400 mē and there is indoor parking for 670 vehicles.

City Palais

The solution

The following have been installed in the complex, which is not yet completed, one silenced NSB 5703 L in the shopping area, with a shell and tube heat exchanger optimised for R134a gas; in the Casino area, for the primary air an extra-silenced Free-Cooling NSB 2502 EF8 and an RV 3603 E for external air. There are one hundred and twelve ducted fan coils.

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