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The solution

Vallelunga Motor Racing Circuit - Rome [Italy]

The Vallelunga Motor Racing Circuit, developed in 1951 a few kilometres from Rome, today has a modern and efficient image. The extension works that ended in 2005 have taken the track to 4,110 metres. The box area, situated in the central paddock, was extended in 2006 making 24 boxes available. They have various sizes and are modular from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 210 m². As well as the press office and the briefing room the paddock also houses different commercial activities, available to the public.

Vallelunga Motor Racing Circuit

The solution

One NRA 800 condensed air chiller with 211 kW cooling capacity, one NCT 10 central air handling unit, one UR heating recovery unit, FCA 50P fan coils and one FCX 50P fan coil unit have been installed.

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