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The solution

Mapei - Milan [Italy]

Founded in 1937, Mapei is the world leader for products used for laying floors and wall coverings of all types. The Quinzi family has actuated a wise policy based on research and development, assuring the presence of its products on the markets thanks to the opening of offices and establishments on the five continents. From the first outsourcing in Canada, in 1978, growth has been significant. Today Mapei can count on 45 office buildings and establishments throughout the world.


The solution

The offices in Via Jenner in Milan are served by two NCT central air handling units with air flow respectively of 10,000 and 1,800 m³/h. There are two chiller units from the R 08 series functioning in parallel with a power of 179.2 kW and a 50 kW NRC 252. A total of 236 FCX P fan coils with four tubes both in vertical and horizontal installation and with mobile vertical installation, distribute the air throughout the office building, while another 14 FCX P fan coils with two tubes cover the area of the assistance offices.

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