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The solution

Beverly Hilton - Beverly Hills [United States]

This mega-structure composed of 570 bedrooms, restaurants, wellbeing centre shopping centre, garden and swimming pool, built in 1955, was completely restructured in 2003. The total cost of bringing the hotel back to its splendour was 80 million dollars. Today the Beverly Hilton is among the most elegant hotels in Los Angeles, regularly visited by the Hollywood jet set.

Beverly Hilton

The solution

The fan coils used are mainly the ‘PO' version, for high priority ducted mounting. The powers of 7 to 7.5 kW may seem unusual for a hotel, but they are explained due to the size of the bedrooms that are much larger than average and the requirements of the American user whose satisfaction threshold regarding air conditioning is much lower than that of the European customer. The designers also requested high powers in order to obtain ‘sensitive' air conditioning.

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