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The solution

Saphir Palace - Hammamet [Tunisia]

Built in Yasmine, the new tourist resort of Hammamet, which takes its name from the flower of happiness and love for life, the Saphir Palace is a 5-star hotel with 236 bedrooms, one of the most elegant in the area. Particularly well-equipped for thalassotherapy, it includes tennis and badminton courts, a wellbeing centre, two swimming pools, four restaurants and three bars, as well as a congress centre.

Saphir Palace

The solution

The air conditioning is entrusted to three RVB 2002 air to water chiller units with a cooling capacity of 496 kW. There are five NCT central air handling units of various dimensions with air flow rates that go from 10,600 m³/h (model 10) to 28,850 (model 15). Four other central air handling units are self-bearing from the CTE series. There are four UTF fan coils.

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