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The solution

Marriott - Rome [Italy]

This 5-star superior complex, with more than 600 rooms divided on over six floors, situated at the junction of the motorway for Fiumicino and the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Ring Road). The hotel, which is situated in the political congressional centre of the capital, is divided into two symmetrical parts with independent air conditioning systems. There are 15,500 covered m² on the ground floor, 4,000 on each floor and 12,000 in the two basements.


The solution

The ‘cold' heat energy necessary for air-conditioning is 7,000,000 frigs/h supplied by 11 chillers (RV 2002, 2502 and 3202) with screw compressors, three of which are equipped with a hydronic unit. The 29 NCT central air handling units, with delivery powers from 7 to 19 kW, have been positioned on the roof and distribute to the 600 fan coils (FCX 50 P series) in the bedrooms, through pumping centres. Seventeen UTA from the T series are located in the kitchen, the small restaurant and the corridors.

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