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The solution

Borgo Wührer - Brescia [Italy]

An old beer factory, bearing witness to industrial archaeology from the end of the 19th century, has been recovered, giving an important residential and tertiary area back to the city. The complex includes a residential area, with more than 28,000 mē of housing and a directional-commercial area that entirely occupies the restructured part of the old buildings, with about 23,000 mē of sales units, offices, professional offices and spaces destined for services.

Borgo Wührer

The solution

The machines installed can be divided into four fundamental groups: 13 NCT central air handling units, one of which with air-air heat recovery unit; 18 NRA, RV, SAP and AN series chiller units; 36 UT, CDX and T model thermoventillating plants for horizontal installation; 358 FCX floor fan coil units and FCA ceiling fan coil units.

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