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The solution

Palazzo Te - Mantua [Italy]

The building was built between 1525 and 1535 on commission of Federico Gonzaga. Giulio Romano transformed the pre-existing stables into a sumptuous villa, re-using the old walls that outline the square yard. Nearly completely restored, it offers visitors all of the splendour of the creative art of Giulio Romano. There are eight main rooms, an internal courtyard, a stupendous open gallery and a series of small rooms are open to the public. The stables are used for exhibitions and expositions.

Palazzo Te

The solution

The entire building is served by an NBW 407 model water-water chiller with cooling capacity of 90 kW, an NCT 10 central air handling unit with air flow of 10.600 m³/hour and 7 FCX fan coils for the head offices and the museum rooms with the frescoes by Giulio Romano.

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