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The solution

San Francisco Conservatory - San Francisco [United States]

It was built in 1917 and completely renovated in 2006 with a design that has entirely maintained the historical façade and main architectonic elements, while bringing the Institute into line with more modern requirements, making use of all that current technology has to offer. The new seat measures 24,000 m², including classrooms, rehearsal rooms, offices and a large library, which has been tripled in size with respect to the previous one. Three concert rooms, respectively with 450, 160 and 120 seats. The approximate cost of the project was 80 million dollars.

San Francisco Conservatory

The solution

The powers of the fan coils, chosen for their silence, have been brought into line with the requirements of the rooms, which are very different in sizes and functions. The power varies from 1.5 to 11.5 kW. Two thirds of the 179 FCX installed are the ducted P type, while the remaining machines are in the skirted U version. They all have an electrical resistance or a one-line water battery for heating.

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