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Year 2017


Aermec recently inaugurated what is, in absolute, Europe's largest test facility for air conditioning applications.

Representing a €5m investment, the new chamber allows units of up to 2.000kW cooling and heating capacities to be tested, and measures 28m in length by 6m in height for a total volume of 2.200m3.

The new test lab has already been accredited with Eurovent certification (up to 1.500kW, Eurovent's limit), acknowledging the precision levels achievable. In fact Aermec can guarantee a precision of +/- 0,2°C on the water side and +/- 0,3°C on the air side, with precision instruments, including 240 temperature sensors and 100 pressure transducers, allowing testing in conformance to EN 14511 norms.

This highly versatile test lab allows testing with ambient temperatures from -20°C to +55°C and relative humidities from 20%RH to 95%RH. Numerous 50Hz and 60Hz voltages are catered for, in line with Aermec's presence on all continents worldwide. Even noise testing, again with Eurovent certification and according to UNI EN ISO 9614, can be carried out.

Air and water-cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units, Indirect Evaporative Coolers and Dry Coolers can all be tested, with an added Data Hall simulator chamber allowing realistic testing of Data Centre applications. If desired the single lab can be transformed into two smaller labs for simultaneous independent testing.

In line with Aermec's environmental policy, absolute priority was afforded to minimal energy consumptions during operation, in fact the lab's unique heat recuperation plant ensures that most of the utilised energy can be reused within the process.

Aermec's new Eurovent certified test labs confirm its standing at the very forefront of large application solutions, and represent a notable investment towards Aermec's goal of ever more sophisticated and high quality large product offerings ensuring ever lower energy consumptions.

Particular attention has also been afforded to Customer witness testing, an ever increasing requirement for large projects. Then new test labs will feature a dedicated Customer witness room where all parameters can be instantly and graphically monitored and recorded, specific Customer requests can be quickly implemented and unit operation can be visualised from the comfort of your chair.

Aermec is fully convinced this new test chamber, which joins the tens of other specific chambers already present within its facilities in Bevilacqua (Italy), will allow the company to further consolidate its growing presence within large system solutions.



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